Why should you choose VeriSM™?

Best way to boost your career in Service Management

The new certification offered by EXIN is based on the VeriSM™ approach, which emphasizes governance and keeping focus on value, outcomes and organizational goals.

The Management Mesh and other latest practices

VeriSM™ includes the concept of the Management Mesh. The Management Mesh gives context to resources, environment, technologies and management practices. VeriSM™ takes service management to a next level by incorporating both current and the latest practices and technological developments.

A Must-Have Certification

VeriSM™ is a must-have certification for every professional involved in service management and/or digital transformation.

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Get the essentials of the VeriSM approach.
Designed for professionals who already have a certification in (IT) Service Management. You will be awarded a Verism™ Foundation certificate after you succesfully complete the Verism™ Plus exam.
VeriSM™ Foundation consists of the combined content of Essentials and Plus.

Get your essentials straight.

The VeriSM™ Essentials module gives professionals a comprehensive introduction to the service management principles.

Extend your existing Service Management competencies.

VeriSM™ Plus has been specifically designed as a bridge module to offer easy access for candidates who already have an (IT) service management certificate, and will qualify a candidate to receive a VeriSM™Foundation certificate. The focus of VeriSM™ Plus is on emerging technologies and progressive practices.

Build your foundation as a service management professional.

VeriSM™ Foundation consists of the combined content of Essentials and Plus.